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Beautiful thin highlighting strips Sticky notes | Available in 6 themes

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Why use pen highlighters when you could reuse our highlighting sticky notes!!! Ain’t it super interesting!! Highlight your favorite lines and color coordinate them with our pretty pastel highlighting strips😍

  1. Highlighting strips are a quick and easy way to draw attention to important information. You can quickly skim a document and identify key points by looking for the highlighted areas.

  2. Highlighting strips can help you remember information more easily. When you see a highlighted area, your brain is more likely to remember the information associated with it.

  3. Highlighting strips are a useful tool for studying. By highlighting the most important information in your notes or a textbook, you can focus on the most important concepts and reduce the amount of time you spend studying.

  4. Highlighting strips can be used to organize information. For example, you can use different colors to represent different categories or themes.

Overall, highlighting strips are a simple but effective way to help you focus on and remember important information.

material :  PE
size : 4.4*0.4cm
color : 6 colors
number : 300 sheets in total (15*20strips each)

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