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Chessboard Shield Umbrella | Rain & UV Protection

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Packing list: 1* parasol (Bow not included)

The Checkerboard Shield Umbrella is a must-have for any traveler. It's compact, making it perfect for both sunny and rainy days. The unique chessboard design adds a touch of creativity, and the fully automatic feature makes it easy to use. With 3 foldable sections, it's perfect for women on the go. Stay protected and stylish with this innovative umbrella.

Product: Sunny and Rainy Umbrella

Function : Folding

Pattern : Three-folding Umbrella

Control: Fully-automatic

Open Diameter : 97cm

Age Group : Adults

Panel Material : Black Coating

Material : Rubber Cloth

【Dual use in rain or shine】 Made of high-density waterproof NC, it has various functions such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, wrinkle resistance, mildew resistance, etc. It has excellent waterproof performance, and it will fall off when you shake it lightly. Ordinary umbrellas are more waterproof. This is a folding umbrella that can be used on rainy and sunny days. Multi-coating process composite umbrella cloth, lotus leaf effect design, efficient waterproof, strong UV protection.

【99% UV Mini Umbrella】Innovative double layer fabric, 210T high density NC cloth and UV protection, with excellent UV shielding and heat shielding. High-performance folding umbrella with 99% UV protection.

[Slim] Umbrella ribs are arranged in 180° parallel by the use of the rotating bundle process, and the structure can effectively compress the umbrella space, making it flat and thin.

【Light weight】Low-density aluminum alloy umbrella rod with fiberglass tailbone brings a lighter carrying feel.

【Wind Resistant】Umbrella design is stronger than ordinary umbrellas to prevent rust and corrosion. It has excellent wind resistance and is not easy to break even in strong winds.

【Light Blocking and Thermal Insulation】The inner side thermal insulation coating process blocks the sun rays, also known as heat rays, because it is 100% completely shielded, so it can keep you cool even in the hot sun. This is a handy folding umbrella to keep in your commuter bag for sunny and rainy days. High shading, excellent shielding and heat insulation, effectively block ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the human body.

【UPF50+】Release technology, anti-wrinkle, soft and durable, not easy to age and fall off, UPF50+ excellent sun protection.

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